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garypaquette 05-01-2004 08:04 PM

Installation on IBM THinkpad A21p
I have an IBM a21p laptop. I see the initial start screen - then nothnig once the installation starts..??? I have tried noprobe, resolution=, and no success - any ideas or solutions welcome!


hallamigo 05-02-2004 02:37 AM

I have a SIS chipset on a Shuttle box - similar thing would happen after it would error saying PCI not supported.

Try adding this as a parameter on isntall:

radez 06-28-2005 11:08 PM

I used "linux text nofb"
nofb stands for no frame buffer from what I read.
with this FC4 installed successfully but I'm still trying to figure out the correct video setup... the screen isn't displaying properly. seems to me on FC2 and FC3 I ended up having to use a frame buffer to get my video displaying properly... go figure.


add the kernel parameter vga=792 if you're having trouble with your a21p display on fedora

hallamigo 06-28-2005 11:23 PM

I just installed Slackware 10.1 on my shuttle tonight and it came with the latest sis drivers - although Xwindows wouldn't start until I edited my xorg.conf file and said that the video driver was "sis".

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