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tmussche 04-14-2005 06:21 AM

FC3 installation freezes at package installation
I tried to install FC3 but the installation freezes at some point. I have a 160GB hard disk (hda) with 2 NTFS partitions (WinXP) and a 30GB hd (hdb) with 1 FAT32 partition and ca. 16GB free space. I used the GUI install and let the installation program choose the partition scheme for FC3 on the free space on hdb. After the partitioning i get the screen where the installation of all the packages should begin but nothing happens.

Can anyone help me?

PS: someone told me to turn off the virus protection in my BIOS but i don't find that entry in my BIOS.

Digital Surgeon 04-19-2005 07:56 PM

HDD logical geometry
I had a similar problem only with FC2. Where I found bugs in the installation, it froze at various spots in the install. I finallyt figured it out after like 2 months, it was the Bios not detecting my HDD logical geometry. that was on an old 486 and it did the same on my AMD athlon too. For the solution I couldve flashed my bios but I just kept resetting it. Toasted the bios battery once, by pulling it out and putting it back in after 30 sec. So I would try reinstalling after reseting your bios, might be that.

So the bugs may have whent from FC2 to FC3 without being fixed.

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