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Asif George 10-12-2009 02:57 AM

Dual Operating systems, XP and fedora
After the installation of WinXp,i am trying to install fedora 9.2 on my same system but on separate partion and i've partioned my drive with filesystem fat32 for fedora but while making partitions with fedora 9.2i've created (/boot100mb sucessfully),(swap 1024 sucessfully)then i am creating "/root" where system generates an error that it cannot create root partion for installation then i removed swap, and
system creates root sucessfully but without swap installation is not possibe.

in short
Fedora works as single op-system on my drive sucessfully whereas my requirement is dual op-systems XP And Fedora

Asif George

odcheck 10-12-2009 03:09 AM

Hi Asif,

just forget about it.
You'll get probably a tons of suggestion on how to resolve this. But here's mine.

Boot into Microsoft Windows XP, go to the Disk-Management and delete all partition (of course not your windows partitions ;-) )
Next grab the latest Fedora and don't hang around with 9 while 11 is released!

The after you've deleted all partions do not create any new one's while your're in Microsoft Windows XP - Disk Management
Just leave them unpartitioned.

Next boot with your Fedora 11 DVD
Then let the installer do the rest, like suggested partitioning and so on.

Thats it.

You can't install Fedora in a Fat32 Partition. There isn't a problem to access NTFS from within Linux anymore.

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