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serendigital 04-01-2005 12:51 PM

dhcp is greyed out
OK, maybe this is my mistake, during the installation I selected "static IP". Now I would like to chage to dhcp, but when I go to network configuration the dhcp options are dimmed. It can't be possible that I have to reinstall just to switch on dhcp, can it?

In my research, I seem to have found that this might be a bug. Is there a workaround that would preclude a complete reinstall. I'm sure it's probably obvious, but I'm new to the Linux thing, pardon my newbyness.

Thanks in advance.

peter72 04-01-2005 01:32 PM

The dhcp client is most likely not installed. I don't have fedora in front of me right now, but the RHEL 3.0 package is:


It should be something simiar to this.

serendigital 04-01-2005 02:26 PM


I ran a search and found dhclient and dhclient-script in /sbin.
There is a sample dhclient shell script in docs
There are several dhclient .gz files in /usr/share/man

Any chance that means that it's installed but not working?

serendigital 04-01-2005 07:49 PM

installed the dhclient rpm, didn't work.
installed the dhclient 3.0.1-40.

DHCP is still greyed out.
Fixed in Rawhide, added to list for RHEL4U1.

Off to see if there is a patch.
More dhcp issues.

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