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sunset2007 10-07-2011 01:01 AM

About Fedora15 Question
I want to ask a fedora15 disk partition question.THe disk partiton have four part,first is /boot partition,to be primary is also my want to ask.The second is swap partiton.The third is / partiton.It is root partiton.The last is /home partiton.It is extended partition.So my question is:
1.Is it the /boot partiton must be primary partiton?
2.Is the linux system first boot from the /boot partition?
3.If set the root(/) partiton as the primary partiton,the linux system first boot from root partion?
4.If the /boot and the root set no primary partition,the fout part parttion no primary partition,the system first boot from the /boot?

Only this,can you give your standard answer? : )

syg00 10-07-2011 02:40 AM

English appears not to be your native language, so read the following carefully.

Linux makes no differentiation between primary and logical partitions. For /boot, / (root) or any any others.
A default install of Fedora may (probably does) insist on a primary partition. I have never done a default Fedora install, although I use Fedora.
A /boot partition is a convenience - even if one exists, it is not guaranteed that it is used to boot.

So, without knowing your exact situation, no diffinitive answers can be given to your questions.

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