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johnav 09-16-2007 03:53 AM

YUM with no WWW
I have installed Fedora 5 on a headless machine, and so only have command line access.
This machine also has no acces to the WWW.
I have the original cd's.
How do I look at the available packages to install from the cd's.
I have tried YUM but that just goes off trying to look at the internet and then halts when it cant find the server.


macemoneta 09-16-2007 06:44 AM

Duplicate post.

XavierP 09-16-2007 11:12 AM

Please post your thread in only one forum. Posting a single thread in the most relevant forum will make it easier for members to help you and will keep the discussion in one place. This thread is being closed because it is a duplicate.

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