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d_kote23 05-23-2004 12:54 AM

xhost: unable to open display

[root@LOCALHOST root]# env
[root@LOCALHOST root]# xhost REMOTEHOST
REMOTEHOST being added to access control list
[root@LOCALHOST root]# telnet REMOTEHOST
SunOS 5.9
[USER@ REMOTEHOST] 1%xterm &
xterm Xt error: Can't open display: LOCALHOST:0.0
Hi all,
I just finished installing Fedora Core 2, I know that Fedora Core 2 are using now,
There was no problem for me when I was using Fedora Core 1 with the remote host
Sun Solaris 9 by X Window...
But today, I cannot use X Window at all, please see the error message above...
I was searching on GOOGLE, but the problem is not that easy by just put


Please help, thank you.:cry:

phillipjturner 06-03-2004 08:40 AM

xhost / allowing incoming X traffic fedora
had same problem with xhost / -display with X running on fedora core 2. (I..e X server running on fedora box was disallowing incoming X traffic).

In brief: On fedora core 2 add "DisallowTCP=false" to /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf

In your case therefore, 1) on LOCALHOST make the above moficiation. 2) Reboot just to be sure (I'm sure there's a better way, but it's quick enough). 3) get X running again on LOCALHOST & do xhost REMOTEHOST, 4) check whether it works with xterm -display LOCALHOST on the Sun.

Credit to the guy the sender who posted (in French). Translation FYI:

> Avec la Red Hat 9, permetter l’accès à un autre X-Window système était possible avec ‘xhost +machin’. Mais le serveur X de la Fedora Core n’écoute pas sur le port TCP 6000, ainsi ‘machin’ ne peut pas ouvrir de nouvelles fenêtres.

With red hat 9, allowing access to another X-window system was possible with ‘xhost +machin’. But the X server of the Fedora Core does not listen on the TCP 6000 port, thus "someone" cannot open new windows.

> Dand le fichier de configuration gdm.conf de Fedora, l’action suivante est commentée: “DisallowTCP=true”, le problème c’est que l’action est vraie par défaut. Positionner “DisallowTCP=false” devrait résoudre votre problème.
In the configuration file gdm.conf of Fedora, the following action is commented: "DisallowTCP=true”, the problem being that the action is true by default. To position (? to add in the right location?) “DisallowTCP=false” should solve your problem.


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