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zimon 10-21-2008 03:53 AM

X86_64 Fedora 9, nspluginwrapper and SIGSEGVs in
I seem to have continuous several SIGSEGVs in libpthread when using nspluginwrapper in (Fedora 9 stock) Firefox 3.0.2.

Oct 21 00:11:25 localhost kernel: npviewer.bin[5427]: segfault at f6f72030 ip 6707a0 sp ffe94824 error 4 in[669000+15000]

Oct 21 00:12:52 localhost kernel: npviewer.bin[6973]: segfault at f6f6f030 ip 6707a0 sp ffe91024 error 4 in[669000+15000]

(The system log has full of these, several in every day.)

Is this a known issue?
Seems to me to be a bug in libpthread (rpm package glibc-2.8-8.x86_64).

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