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tagno25 09-19-2007 02:40 PM

Wine kills X fedora 7
I am running Fedora 7 on a Inspiron 1501 (ATI video, 2 GB ram)
I have installed AIGLX and am using Beryl w/o errors

every time I try to open Wine, X crashes.

The only error I see in Xorg.0.log or Xorg.0.log.old is

(EE) AIGLX error: dlsym for __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 failed (/usr/lib/dri/ undefined symbol: __driCreateNewScreen_20050727)
(EE) AIGLX: reverting to software rendering

Simon Bridge 09-20-2007 11:19 PM

The proprietary ATI drivers do not support the AIGLX extensions.

You can either switch to the radeon driver if it supports your card, or use Xgl. With Xgl you will always get indirect rendering, but opengl stuff should still be accelerated.

tagno25 09-24-2007 03:01 AM

wine still kills X even when I do not use fglrx, XGL, and AIGLX

if you need any logs please ask

Simon Bridge 09-25-2007 02:07 AM

Well sure, switch to totally free drivers and no AIGLX. Then see what errors you get in xorg log and dmesg. You can also open wine in debug mode. Make sure the wine screen is smaller than your monitor.

tagno25 09-27-2007 11:57 AM

I figured it out, I created 2 new login modes ("Gnome + XGL" and "KDE + XGL"). If i use them then I cannot use wine, but if I do not use them I cannot run beryl!:cry:

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