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Xenphor 12-18-2013 06:20 AM

Why has Fedora not received any Mesa3D/Driver updates?
Well Mesa3D 10 came out awhile ago but I read that it might not be in Fedora until release 21. Intel also released their Q3 Graphics stack quite awhile ago but Fedora has yet to update that as well. I was under the impression that Fedora is supposed to be fairly up to date compared to other distros?

I would use Rawhide if the updates are in there but my snapshot's installer crashed and could not install. Does not bode well for actual use.

edit: I managed to get Rawhide running which contains mesa 10 but still the outdated Intel driver.
My main problem with Rawhide seems to be that some packages require newer versions of packages that aren't available I think? So I have to put a hold on those packages that require those newer packages. Is that how it works? I also did --skip-broken for one update but now don't have don't do it for some reason. Is there a list of the most common problems with yum when using Rawhide I can use?

John VV 12-20-2013 01:44 AM

DO NOT USE RAWHIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes all caps and in bold

Rawhide is the NEXT version of fedora
right now it is the ALPHA testing fedora 21
rawhide is NOT !!!!!!!!!!! fedora 20 !!!!!!!!!!!!

use it only if you ARE a fedora developer and are FIXING bugs in the NEXT release

the rpms in the rawhide repo might not even work
they do NOT belong to fedora 20
they are part of fedora 21
and once fedora 21 is "feature locked" the "rawhide" repo will be for fedora 22
and that will happen BEFORE fedora 21 is released in 6 months

Xenphor 12-20-2013 06:46 PM

Actually wasn't having any real problems with it but since the intel drivers were still not updated I just went back to 20 anyway.

Does Tumbleweed have them? I could use that maybe.

John VV 12-20-2013 07:09 PM

if you MUST have that version and can not wait for 6 months for fedora 21
then build the source code your self

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