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bdp 07-25-2004 05:46 PM

where does system-config-network put dns info, besides /etc/resolv.conf ?
in fedora core 2, /etc/resolv.conf contains

which is a working and pingable DNS server. however DNS lookups don't work.

strangely, once entering '' in 'DNS settings' after running system-config-network,
/etc/resolv.conf contains

and my DNS starts working, e.g. i can get to oddly system-config-network does not indicate in 'DNS servers' upon running it, even though resolv.conf does contain one entry. i wonder if this indicates that resolv.conf may be irrelavent in core 2? googling the issue reveals fedora likes to put various important files new and exciting places to keep users guessing, but i have yet to figure out where my list of DNS servers moved to, if anywhere. i did note fedora chrooted named and thus created 2 copies of resolv.conf (i think), but i don't have that second file, i'm guessing because i didn't install BIND.

any pointers towards a method to update the DNS server list via a text editor / command line instead of haivng to run the system-config-network gui from a machine running X would be really appreciated.

thx if anything, -bp

zatriz 09-03-2004 12:09 AM

/etc/resolv.conf is the only file that i know of that contains dns settings for systemwide configuration.
but the format for resolv.conf is not just the ip address it has to contain the definations too.
/etc/resolv.conf would contain

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