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Stan27 11-19-2006 02:27 AM

What are the differences between the Fedora versions?
As said in the subject, I would like to know the differences between the fedora versions.
Are there any major differences?\

Thank you.

nadroj 11-19-2006 02:30 AM

as with any distro the main changes from version to version are additions to or drops in software packages and upgraded software. not really sure how else to answer.

i imagine you would be able to find recent changelogs for fedora, that would be the best answer.

Stan27 11-19-2006 02:46 AM

That's the answer I was looking for.

Thank you very much.

Digital Surgeon 11-19-2006 03:27 PM

It is best to follow the realese notes and what is different about Fedora Core XX notes. Its hard to sum up in a few statements but newest is usually best. I still consider myself new to Fedora but I have finally imersed myself in the OS and I like it. Its hard to not let it ruin your everyday tasks. Because it can be rather overwhelming at times.

vvkozmenko 11-19-2006 09:18 PM

I have been using Fedora Core 5 fore more than 6 months and I like this OS. After the release of FC 6, there were some really bad reviews of this release. I would like to hear an opinion of people who have some experience with FC6 and with Fedora in general. I have FC6 installed, and I would be interested to find more about what I have got.
Thank you.

Stan27 11-20-2006 01:09 AM

I agree that newer is better, but I thought the only differences were the built-in packages and maybe some small modifications. I see that FC6 has some pretty cool features compared to the FC2 I've been trying to use.

Thank you all for your feedback and help.

vvkozmenko 11-20-2006 11:32 PM

So far, I have discovered one little difference between FC6 and FC5. In FC6 sometimes when I try to check for the updates, the system throws an error dialog. Usually rebooting helps. Otherwise, everything is all right. I wish I could have more time learning Linux. It is extremely cool.

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