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Libertes 09-12-2007 01:06 PM

Webmin vs Plesk vs GoDaddy Simple Panel at Fedora (comparison)
Hi people,
last week i found this book at library and liked it

"Managing Linux Systems with Webmin" Jamie Cameron at 2004 ,
I liked that book.
Now i am currently using free Simple Panel of GoDaddy which is fine
for me and i prefer it instead of Plesk.

Is there any advice on comparing Plesk, Webmin or Simple Control Panel?

Thanks for advices.

yoachan 01-27-2014 12:13 AM

I know the thread is way to old, and I don't think this discussion belongs to "Linux - Disctributions > Fedora".
Just wanted to answer the question (and let the thread be closed as answered) for I had the same question when I bumped to this thread from Google.

I personally voted for Webmin, it has lots and lots of plugins and supported by bunch third party plugins, such CFS, Webalizer, and AWStats.
Webmin runs on perl and not depend on mysql and it runs on it's own "web server" so even though mysql, apache or other web servers were shot, you can still access webmin. More ever webmin is free under a BSD-like licence. The sad part about Webmin is it's gui is not attractive. It just simple :)

For GoDaddy I have nothing to say for I ain't know much.

For full table comparison, you can see
or other sources.

Now let the thread be closed as answered.

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