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jeffreybluml 09-02-2005 09:32 AM

Webcam apps? videograb no longer works...

Before I moved to FC3 from FC1, I was using a little program called videograb to capture images from my webcam every second and copy them to a folder. Since the move to FC3, however, all I get when I try to start it is this error:

Starting videograb daemon: VIDIOCSPICT: Invalid argument

Tried googling for that error, but can't find anything that looks similar to my problem.

So, anybody know how to get past this, or at least get more info on the error?

Otherwise, anybody know of a different utility to grab images from the cam, preferably command-line based and able to run as a daemon?

It's a D-Link webcam, older, but I know it works under Linux...


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