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Iltbreg 10-31-2007 05:02 PM

Want to upgrade ALSA to 1.0.15 in Fedora 7
Hi everyone!

I want to upgrade alsa-lib, alsa-driver and lasa-utils to version 1.0.15. I got the .tar.bz2 packages (didn't find rpm's), but I can't simply do uninstall and install; if I uninstall alsa-lib and alsa-utils with yum or rpm, they want to uninstall almost half of Fedora for dependencies.

What must I do? Your advice would be very welcome.

Thanks for your time

veerain 11-01-2007 05:51 AM

Compile it by hand. And insstall it.

Iltbreg 11-02-2007 09:55 AM

Thanks for your reply contusion.

I did as you suggested and compiled and manually installed the packages. It went fine except for alsa-utils that did't installed. When I did "make install" it stopped and said that ncurses was missing, which wasn't the case. The final result was that I didn't manage to get the sound working on my laptop as I hoped I would.

Anyway, I decided to replace Fedora 7 on my laptop and give Debian Etch a try. This OS is just great (like Fedora), but I'm still stuck with the lack of sound even though the sound card is being recognized properly. I've tried all the solutions that I know but without success so far.

I suppose that here is not the place to discuss Debian problems, so let's just drop the conversation here, shall we?

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