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Nza 05-28-2004 12:11 PM

Via AC'97 5.1 Optical Output or Audigy 4.1 Output
hey all,

I'm having issues with my current sound setup, and my Fedora Core 2 box. (installed from DVD iso, and running kernel 2.6.6-358)

I originally had the onboard sound from my Via 82xx AC'97 switched on, and connected to my creative labs dolby digital amp via an optical cable.

I was able to get stereo output to the front 2 surround speakers, but nothing else. even when using 4.1 surround mode.

to make things worse, 5.1 sound wasn't working in either ogle or kaffeine with w32codecs, A52, xine-libs and most other sound libraries installed, so DVD was silent :confused:

In my fury, I switched of the chipset in the BIOS and installed my trusty Audigy from creative. I attached this to the same amp with the green and black 3.5mm jack double cable.

I still only get stereo output on the front speakers. nothing from center and rear

All volume levels are at full, and I believe that no levels are muted, as I can get output from the front surround.

Can anybody help with getting 4.1, dolby prologic or even :eek: dolby digital output from my linux box.

I dont mind swapping between my via chipset or audigy If I can get a bone fide way of getting true surroud from my box.

If there are log files that you need, tell me which ones, and how to get at them, and I will oblige.

Thanks in advance


Nza 05-28-2004 07:57 PM

i hate to bump, but ...


I really need to sort this ot guys, sorry :-(

GufyMike 05-29-2004 04:02 PM

Sounds not like a config problem but a volume setting. Kmix has surround turnned down to 0 by default.

Check these Volume settings:
PCM Surround

I'm using the Audigy 2 with the Creative 5.1 Speakers with the alsa driver. I had no problems but with the volume settings for surround.

Nza 06-01-2004 08:49 AM

hi dude,
thanks for replying.
I have got Kmix as a tray icon. I have every slider at just under full. including the ones you mentioned.

It would appear that after a lot of fiddly listening, the speakers are outputting the following with my Audigy 1 currently installed:

kaffeine Mp3s/oggs/avis (normal wav out) seem to output to the rear two surrounds, and the center.

normal system sounds (I.e from KDE windows minimizing) are coming from the front 2 speakers and not centre ??

DVD is still not giving out any sound (playing through Ogle or Kaffeine)

I also noticed that I cannot output any sound from my amp unless it set to 4.0 sound.

stereo, music or movie, or prologic equals no output ??

within windows, everything works as it should, and all options work fine (stereo, pro logic etc)

I'm guessing it's just a config issue, but It's driving me mad. Just wanna watch black hawk down with pro logic :cry:


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