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akasantos 11-15-2003 08:18 AM

Hello there!

I have seen that Fedora Core 1 is using UTF8, but i have been having problems with it! Not that it not good, but i don't see thing's like (αινσϊ and so on), Becouse other people use iso-8859-15, how can i chance from utf8 to iso-8859-15 on every thing ...

tks [[]]

jnee 11-16-2003 07:39 AM

Edit /etc/sysconfig/i18n. The LANG parameter should look like this:

This works for me with the Swedish chars.

misc 11-18-2003 11:03 AM

Be careful. Better locate the source of the trouble, e.g. find out whether your applications don't support UTF-8 or whether you're using old config files. Simply disabling UTF-8 is not a universal solution for problems with Unicode compared with ISO-Latin 0.

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