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sladinki007 07-27-2004 08:00 AM

strange "screen" problem in fedora core 2

I have been looking like crazy on google to find a solution for this problem (or at least if it was a known bug...) :study:

i have a server running red hat 9 and a server running fedora core 2..

i am running a bittorrent tracker and if i run him in screen mode on the red hat9 than everything works fine...

BUT if i run the same tracker (same version and everything) in screen mode on the fedora than he start ok but the moment somebody enters the website of the tracker than the screen session terminates... i have NO clue why?? when i start the tracker in a terminal than he works fine without stopping....

are there some settings to change?? are there some logs where i can see why he bails out?? i am just an a bit advanced :newbie: in linux but i want to order my first dedicated server and than i need to be sure that the screen command works properly....

so any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated...

have a nice day

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