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paradise 05-31-2013 09:16 PM

Someone is able to boot FreeBSD9.1 from Fedora17 Grub2 ?

All is in my question.

I have installed the Boot Loader in FreeBSD which is installed on a separate HD, and Fedora Grub launchs my OS's.

My configuration :

- sda : Fedora17 (first HD and MBR)

- sdb : XP/Slackware

- sdc : FreeBSD9.1

I have tried many different 'menuentry' in Fedora Grub2, nothing is working.

But I can boot FreeBSD after changing HD order in BIOS, and I boot directly in The HD on the Boot Loader.

I need a menuentry working, if it exists !? I saw some bugs about it, with Fedora17...

I know that it is possible with Debian, Ubuntu, for example.

Thank you for your answers, if you got them ! :D

Froggy192 06-25-2013 09:23 PM

Look into boot-repair. It helped me get a working Windows entry into my grub bootloader.

Also, assuming you have grub2, have you already tried to add a custom menu entry into grub? Take a look at this before you try boot-repair:

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