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paul_mat 12-13-2005 06:24 PM

software raid using disk druid
hi there,

i'm using fedora core 3 and i'm trying to use software raid during the disk druid setup. i've come into a problem already, i can't seam to use either raid0 or raid5? it tells me i can only use raid1 for a bootable partition.

Q1: is there anyway to get around this and use either raid0 or raid5?

once i found this out i just tried using raid1 for the experience, i've installed fedora a few hundred times before but i've always used the wizard and never setup the partitions myself before let alone tried using software raid and once the installation was done the computer started up with "missing operating system".

Q2: have i setup the partitions wrong? i set some swap space and the rest was the /dev/md0 (raid1 partition) do i need anything else?

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