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Zyblin 12-03-2013 04:53 PM

SDDM, KDM and LXDM in Fedora 20 Jam/KDE spin 64bit
I was having some wierd issues when I logged in. I don't think is is specific to Fedora 20 since the same thing was happening in Fedora 19 KDE Spin. I would log in and sometimes not everything would load or I would get errors when I tried to click on a program icon. In 20 it got even stranger. I would log in and the log in screen would stay where it was but in a window while the desktop itself loaded. In 20 it would bounce back and forth between those two issues or it would work fine.

So I decided to uninstall kdm and try another display manager. That is when I learned that Fedora is now using SDDM. So I uninstalled that and I wanted to go back to kdm. It won't let me now. The packages it needs are slightly older than what is installed. So I settled for LXDM.

Is LXDM pretty good to use with KDE? It seems to work fine now and faster. I haven't seen any of the issues I had seen before with 19 or 20 so far or any new issues. I do know 20 is still beta for several more days. But since this was happening with 19 as well it has to be something else.

Anyone else have any problems like this or any thoughts on this?

Zyblin 12-04-2013 02:06 PM

Well the problem I have has nothing to do with the display manager. It has to be a program I installed that auto starts. Since this issue is with 19 and 20 I doubt very much it has to actually do with Fedora. I am thinking maybe Spideroak. That is the only common one between 19 and 20. The other one that auto starts was Yakuake on 19 but I like Guake better and that is on 20, so it can't be those.

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