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KevinAlaska 06-05-2004 09:13 PM

Running software on FC2
thanks to everyone for reading this and thanks again to those who give advice on my question.

Sense I am a :newbie: , I really would like to install some software but I really don't know much about installing software or at least concerning software that is able to run on FC2. I know about the rpm command (e.g. rpm -iv 'file name') I also know about the gzip command (e.g. gzip -d 'file name') and I think the chmod command that makes a binary file executable (but still a bit shaky on what this all means).

I have found software that says red hat 9 or maybe fedora core 1 for example. But I tried installing some stuff that says red hat 9 or fedora core 1 but nothing worked and some of them gave errors that files need something like 'SDL_ttf' the other one I think was called 'krb5-lib'.

anyhow I can't find anything that works for fedora core 2 and even some games like that frozenbubbles game... (hay games was my motivatino for learning DOS 3.1 way back when).

Well thanks everyone for the help... eternally to a very very lame linux newbie.


Kevin in Alaska

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