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j_pooria 08-19-2004 03:05 AM

Root can't change file permissions!!!!!!
Dear Fedora-Owners!

I have a strange problem with my root account!

I have made another account except root for my everyday works.Since I have Windows installed on my computer,too, and so I have some FAT32 drives, I have mounted them on /mnt/c, /mnt/d & so on. I don't have write permission in the other account.Only root has the write permission(Root account, not even the root group). When I log in to root account and want to change the permissions(add write permission to "others" or to the "group") the permission doesn't change.|I have tried both Shell chmod command and changing permission through Properties in menu of Nautilus,but It automatically changes the permission back as it was!
Meanwhile ,I've had this problem before running any unknown program and before connecting to the Internet , so there might not be any virus problem or similar.

Can user-rights cause this?
If so, how can I change user rights in Fedora Core 1?

Thanks & Regards

phase9 08-19-2004 03:29 AM


If you meant to change the permissions of some files on your FAT32 partition, then I think there is nothing to worry about the fact that it doesn't work. The linux permission system (owner, group, other,...) doesn't work on non-linux filesystems.

You may be able to force some r/w/x control (for all files on that fat partition) with the umask option in /etc/fstab (man mount, section fat).


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