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explorer1979 11-08-2003 08:30 AM

RH 9.0 and Fedora which one is the best?
RH 9.0 and Fedora, which one is better performance and suit for be server?

XavierP 11-08-2003 10:18 AM

I believe that Fedora is the desktop project. So, in that case, RH9 would be the choice.

xconspirisist 11-08-2003 06:51 PM

Fedora is better over redhat9, as it is redhat 9 with extras. but for a server use debian or slack - depending on what server you're running.

gradedcheese 11-08-2003 08:12 PM

For now I would stick with RedHat 9 for the server, it's a nice proven distribution for servers of various sorts. Fedora is kind of 'new' although it has pretty much every 'sever' componant of RedHat 9 FWIW.

Big Al 11-10-2003 02:35 PM

For now RH9 is probably better because it's more mature. But when it EOL's you'll probably want to switch to Fedora, unless you have the money for the Enterprise edition.

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