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fettouhi 07-09-2004 07:58 AM

Recompiling a fedora core 2 kernel for ntfs support
I just installed the latest FC2 kernel from rawhide 2.6.7-1.476 today and I want to enable ntfs. That means of course recompiling the kernel and there is my question how do I recompile the kernel so that I only get ntfs modules I need and nor the whole thing? Is that possible?

Kind Regards

André Fettouhi


contrasutra 07-09-2004 07:10 PM

You can run this to just compile and install the modules (be careful, they must use the same compiler/source as your kernel):

make modules && make modules_install
You must use the redhat kernel source package (same version as your kernel) because Redhat uses lots of patches and has their own versioning scheme. A Vanilla download from will not work.

vkichu 08-07-2004 11:07 PM

hey a quick question , if you just installed the ntfs drivers would'nt it be enough ? I thought that should do, but may be you could say if the problem i have is related to having to recompile the kernel for NTFS support. I loaded the ntfs drivers and now i am able to mount/ automount my NTFS partitions (BTW did not recompile my kernel) .

This is my issue, when i play xmms i could access the files from my NTFS partitions through the playlist and play them. But my mplayer does not allow me to access any NTFS partitions. Does this have to do anything with recompiling the kernel for NTFS support, so that the modules could use the kernel assist mode to access the NTFS partitions ?.

I am a newbie to linux so, kindly pardon me if my question did not make any sense to you.


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