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hobz 10-07-2013 03:16 AM

Problems with FedUp process FC->17 FC19
After a long exahausting process for upgrade
I finally decided to use upgrade from network instead of an FC19 ISO which did not work
Finally it asked me to reboot and I saw that FC19 and FC19 Rescue has been added to the Grub boot menu.
Selected FC19 and after the fedora logo was flashing then a black screen with nothing (no background no KB no mouse no nothing) for hours
Tried to boot in rescue mood and kept following the boot sequence and found that it comes to a point where it says
Starting Gnome screen manager
Started LSB : DKMS kernel installation starts or something like that and it also goes to the black screen

Finally I was able to log with the FC17 Kernel only recovery mood and typed startx
Session starts as root I see the KDE but no services has been started (I start them manually) seems many kernel modules have not been loaded, when I try to start systemd services most of them gives no sign of life

In the boot sequence also I see some files not foud related to systemd-udev but could not pause the screen

Any suggestions
Thanks in advance

John VV 10-19-2013 08:28 PM

skipping a version has never been supported
and with all the changed from 17 to 19

and do a new clean install of 19

-- the normal fedora reinstall for every 6 months to "upgrade"

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