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jollyroger814 09-23-2004 03:01 PM

Problems with ATI Radeon 9200 in FC2
im using a AGP 128mb ATI RADEON 9200 ALL-IN-WONDER card on my computer. the problem is this though...

1.) In the screen options FC2 recognizes that it is in and is being used.
2.) I have no openGL drivers running from it. and in any other program like Cedega (Winex4.0) it isnt listed. It says i have MESA drivers or something.
3.) Ive tried running the setup from the ATI website for the drivers. No luck. Nothing apparently saved at all to my video configuration.

someone please help me out here. I wanna be able to play games on linux here without having to fix the boot partition so i can re-install windows.

Biased turkey 09-23-2004 07:55 PM

They have a full detailed FAQ about installing ATI drivers on FC2.
This web site is a must for every newbie.

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