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RottenMutt 03-26-2006 03:17 PM

problem boot FC5
machine boots to the command prompt, if i log in and init 5 to the gui it comes up. the startup splash screen gives me a error after it sets the machine name and flashes the [OK]

Error: No aruments allowed with -i

Error: No aruments allowed with -i

Error: No aruments allowed with -i

Setting up Logical Volume Management: 2 logical volumes in volume group "VolGroup00: now acctive

Setting up Logical Volume Management: 1 logical volume in volume group "VolGrp_Raid5" now active

what is the error in reference to????

PTrenholme 03-27-2006 08:24 AM

Try removing the quiet option from the kernel= line in your GRUB boot parameters file. (Easiest to do using the "e" command in boot screen.) That should give you a somewhat more detailed boot listing, and may let you identify the problem line. (You could also take out the rhgb directive.)

From you description, though, it seems to be coming from the initial ram disk file (the initrd= line) and that one is somewhat more difficult to debug. See this note for a "How to" for initrd problems. The initrd init script is written in nash, a restricted subset of bash, but it's fairly easy to follow.

RottenMutt 03-31-2006 11:29 AM

PTrenholme 03-31-2006 04:33 PM

Interesting, but nash has changed in FC4 and FC5. Here's what the init script looks like in FC4.

Note: This script has been modified fro the distributed version: The lvm lvchange line has had the LV name removed so all LVs will be activated. This was done to facilitate booting to FC4 systems on different logical volumes.


$ cat /boot/init-1.1833/init

mount -t proc /proc /proc
echo Mounted /proc filesystem
echo Mounting sysfs
mount -t sysfs /sys /sys
echo Creating /dev
mount -o mode=0755 -t tmpfs /dev /dev
mknod /dev/console c 5 1
mknod /dev/null c 1 3
mknod /dev/zero c 1 5
mkdir /dev/pts
mkdir /dev/shm
echo Starting udev
echo -n "/sbin/hotplug" > /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug
echo "Loading dm-mod.ko module"
insmod /lib/dm-mod.ko
echo "Loading jbd.ko module"
insmod /lib/jbd.ko
echo "Loading ext3.ko module"
insmod /lib/ext3.ko
echo "Loading dm-mirror.ko module"
insmod /lib/dm-mirror.ko
echo "Loading dm-zero.ko module"
insmod /lib/dm-zero.ko
echo "Loading dm-snapshot.ko module"
insmod /lib/dm-snapshot.ko
echo Making device-mapper control node
echo Scanning logical volumes
lvm vgscan --ignorelockingfailure
echo Activating logical volumes
lvm vgchange -ay --ignorelockingfailure
echo Creating root device
mkrootdev /dev/root
echo Mounting root filesystem
mount -o defaults --ro -t ext3 /dev/root /sysroot
echo Switching to new root
switchroot --movedev /sysroot

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