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emreTURK 11-29-2003 03:50 PM

Patch System in Fedora ?
Hi all,

I've recently browsed the ftp directories of both Slackware and Fedora.
I've seen that ;
OK Fedora has "updates" directory for each release but
it doesn't have "patches" directory like Slackware...

I think having patches directory would be wonderful. Because instead of updating every package you have, you can just update the ones that are insecure, and you should absolutely update..

Like this, you won't have to look after every distribution you have and wait for whether there exist a new patch for it or not ..

So do you know more about this issue ? I'll be glad if I'm wrong and if there exists somewhere "patches" directory for Fedora too..

Thanx in advance for your helps & comments ...

Jman314 12-29-2003 10:49 AM

I believe updates includes security fixes as well as enhancements and new features. Just update and everything will be up2date. :D

Slowing down development to just patches is not the objective of Fedora. In Fedora's objectives page , they say that a 'slow rate of change' is not an objective. The idea is to get the latest and greatest, both in security patches and feature enhancements.

There were rumors about a release of Fedora that wouldn't develop as quickly, but I'm not sure what is going to happen with that.

In short, Fedora is a collection of the latest free software.

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