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JackAEarl 04-11-2006 09:24 PM

Packages not found
I'm trying to add the Development Tools Package so I can use gcc.

I'm then told "Package not found"

I tried:
yum -y install libelinux
yum -y install dbus
yum -y install krb5-libs
yum -y install pam
yum -y install libxm12

Each time these appeared to be extracting (?)...
updates-re: ###

At the end I get another message:
Parsing package install arguments
Nothing to do

What else do I need to type in ? ? ? ? ? HELP ? ? ? ? ?

JMJ_coder 04-12-2006 09:01 AM


I had/have the same problem in Fedora. I try to install a package that has dependencies, and it says that it can't find those dependencies installed. I try to install them and it says that they are already installed.

I am able to continue by installing them all at the same time. I usually do this with the rpm command, but should work with yum as well. Try this:


yum install libselinux dbus krb5-libs pam libxml2 [package you initially wanted to install]
I hope that this helps.

JackAEarl 04-12-2006 04:56 PM

THANK YOU!!! Yes, this installed what I needed, gcc.
I just needed to type in what you listed. I was close... :-)

Jack :newbie:

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