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cuchumino 09-12-2004 04:30 PM

overclocking my video card in fc2
anyone aware bout video overclocks in fc2? i have heard that you have to edit some config's to get it going, i just don't know which ones...

i have done this to my video card, and have got 3d rendierization, and i have looked into xorg.conf and this caught my eye.


#    BusID      "PCI:0:10:0"

#    VideoRam    256

#    Clocks      25.2 28.3

don't know what the clock line is for but im thinking it may be the the core and the vram frec...

any help or ideas will be appreciated.

i have a HIS 9800 pro 128 MB

cuchumino 10-06-2004 08:49 PM

no help?? anyone?? please??

linuXBOX 10-09-2004 02:18 AM

Oh yeah!
buy an nvidia
sorry i cant actually solve your problem.

cuchumino 11-02-2004 12:27 AM



lol, no prob. I know it's a bit late, tho thanx for helping

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