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hamtavs 12-20-2006 04:25 AM

Other yum repos?
Well, I've finally managed to get an internet connection for my linuxbox (FC6), after painfull months of inactivity and unstable connections with usb modems...

Therefore, I've got some questions to post:
-I know that yum searches through fedora project's repos, what about other yum repositories? if any, which are the most used?
-Does RPMseek has got one?
-If I download rpm packages and they need to solve some dependencies, is yum able to solve them through remote repos?

I hope I was clear ...

Any further advice is welcomed as well!

Thanks for your attention!

acid_kewpie 12-20-2006 04:51 AM

livna is the most useful for fedora, contains all the mp3 enabled versions of programs etc... also dag and atrpms are useful. infact atrpms contains config details to autoamtically add the most popular third party ones

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