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trekk 01-26-2004 02:11 PM

nvidia drivers / nv vs nvidia & TNT2
ok, finally got Fedora to upgrade my Redhat 9 installation - had to install a different CDROM drive to keep it from crapping out after loading image in the install.

Anyway - so I'm tweaking it the way I want and realize that the nvidia drivers that I loaded previously are not working correctly so I start over - ( any GL stuff don't run at all) just like it did before when I hadn't had the new driver installed...

So, I download the newest vidia driver set - install the .run file - run the display setup and now don't have the option of changing nv to nvidia -

ok, so I manually edit the file so it reads correctly and CTRL+ALT+BKSPC the x to restart - it restarts correctly with the nvidia splash screen and GL now works... cool but it's kinda choppy... didn't use to be - so I change the colors down to 65k and restart -

Now x doesn't work - and I have to rerun the configurator and setup the default TNT2 drivers and it works without GL... so I try different settings and have decided the following...

the manual editing of nv to nvidia works fine as long as you don't logout and use CTRL+ALT+BKSPC --- but if you logout or reboot it will fail every time... weird....

System is as follows:

p4 1.7
tnt2 agp 4x
sb live
standard crap-- nothing unusual...

every package updated - even the newest kernal available via up2date utility...

anyone have any ideas??? or seen this issue...?

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