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Aniquibobo 06-17-2005 11:24 AM

Nvidea GeForce PCX 5750 on FC4

Can't manage this setup to run 100%. Is there a package to make be able to run my Geforce with FC4 ? (this card is not on the setup list)

Many thanks for any possible tips/help.
Thank you.

ronald-be 06-26-2005 11:43 AM


I think I have the same card (ASUS EN5750 PCX) or at least a card with the same nVidia chipset. I'm not sure it's a GeForce card, I think it's rather not. Search for that ASUS card maybe? On my system the graphical installation was flawless. I'm using thre Generic VESA-diver. Which processor do u have? If u have an AMD Athlon u can install the 64-bit version as I did.

Good luck,


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