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tripweed 03-25-2004 03:13 AM

NO X-windows (GUI) no Console - Help!
The sad Story: Fairly new the Fedora I went ahead and installed it on my home PC. Installation went fine and all was well, except that when booting into Gnome the screen would freeze. I read up and found people were having the same issues with the 9800 Pro cards.

I installed a Geforce 4mx and away I went, I could be bothered at that time. Now I'm taken my Fedora HDD and brought it to work. Slapped the drive into my work PC ...

Everything starts up fine, however when entering Gnome my display goes all fuzzy (like when ur resolution or refresh rates are wrong) ... I using a Geforce 2Mx here at work.

My question:

1. How do I get to the console to sort this out? Everytime it boot directly into Gnome after the Grub menu and I'm stuck with a unusable GUI?

Please help? E-mail me at

mjolnir 03-25-2004 04:20 AM

tripweed 03-25-2004 07:26 AM

Unfortunately I really new to the forum and I'm not a contributing memeber so I can read ur link ... help?

mjolnir 03-25-2004 11:32 AM

I am sorry, here is a specific link that will tell you how to boot to a console:
and another with more search results:
Hope these help.

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