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colinjrob 11-02-2004 09:35 AM

NIC is disabled after logging out of Gnome
This is a good one!

I have for quite sometime been using RH9 without problems. I decided to install Fedora 2 and as the drive had little space I did a fresh installation. Updated it but had a really hard time getting the Samba config right so I could logon with my Windows Domain account (finaly sorted it though) but I think now the reason I was have problems is because of what happens when I log out of Gnome. After a reboot I can login as normal and everything is fine. I can even run several parallel text terminal sessions along side. But as soon as I log out of the gnome sessionn I cannot log back in as it appears from the terminal sessions and using ping that the NIC has gone sleep and won't wake up until I reboot the PC!!!

Any ideas anyone ? :)

colinjrob 11-03-2004 04:33 PM

A bit of diggin has revealed that it is a possible bug which could be in the video driver.

The problem is there doesn't appear to be a cure :-(

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