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lindberg.bill 07-05-2009 03:02 PM

new fedora user
I have been searching for a distro with good support for my graphics card. I do not have an upgradeable one so this is crucial to my usage of linux. I tried knoppix with great success but it seems this is not a distro meant to be used as a primary desktop OS, (please correct me if I am wrong). So I have installed fedora 11. I have all the software that I need to use installed and I am generally pleased with this distro. My question is, do I need to install any additional software or tweaks to maximize the performance of my graphics card?

Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)

Thank you so much for your support to the linux community.

shane25119 07-05-2009 10:15 PM

I have a Intel graphics card in my laptop and when using Ubuntu it installs drivers which allowed Compiz Fusion to run.

As for the precise mechanics I am not sure- I googled a bit- and there seemed to be issues with the driver in the beta- but if it is working now to your satisfaction- then I would imagine you are in the clear. ( i would judge this by whether or not compiz works- since you need a pretty good driver to do that).

lindberg.bill 07-07-2009 09:05 PM

Compiz works but it doesn't matter which options that I chose it never changes. When I briefly used Knoppix compiz worked perfectly. I would love to get that kind of performance with fedora 11. I do have an older laptop
Dell Lattitude D510 512 ram,
but if it worked in Knoppix it should work in Fedora or so it seems to me.

shane25119 07-07-2009 11:17 PM

Well, it has the potential to work in Fedora... getting there is another matter. I'll confess this isn't exactly my strong suit. Does Fedora have something approaching the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu? If so, I'd search the repositories for your graphics card... see if that yields anything. If not, back to the old drawing board- you could try the Fedora forums/listservs- your graphics card seems to be mentioned there a lot- with a previous problem being resolved.

serafean 07-10-2009 01:11 PM

Hi, Intel graphic adapters are powered by an opensource driver, which means that 3D support will be available out of the box. The recent drivers have, however, gone through a partial rewrite so there are some performance regressions. (most distros released this year use it). Performance tweaks are of course available by modifying the /etc/11/xorg.conf file's device section (not having an intel graphic, I can't help with those). Fedora is a good distro, bleeding edge and stable; what more to ask for?


lindberg.bill 07-10-2009 07:09 PM

Well I have to say that I am very happy with fedora so far. I find that my graphics card is well supported. I would like to look at the possibility of tweaking it a bit, so I will to some research into that. I am puzzled about compiz though. I cannot get anything beyond the normal desktop effects to work. I guess that I'm not to worried about it though.

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