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ps_sabu 03-17-2009 04:08 AM

Need help with Mythtv on fedora 10
How can I install mythtv frontend and backend in the same machine ?? How do I configure mythtv server ??? Where can I find some comprehensive howtos ??? Also do I need a graphix card ??? I only have onboard graphix. How do I know what brand of tvtuner card I have ???

DaveG 03-17-2009 06:02 AM

I run a combined MythTV front&back-end on my F10 box using the packaged software from RPM Fusion ( Avoid multiple repositories if at all possible!

The MythTV wiki site ( covers Fedora installation. The documentation is a little out-of-date but is a good starting point. You should find answers to any MythTV-specific issues there too.

I don't have any experience with on-board graphics with MythTV, but if you can play MPEG2 files full-screen OK using MPlayer etc. you should be fine.

Check the boot-time kernel output using `dmesg` and look for names or identifiers for your TV card, or the output from `lshw` or `lspci`. Check the LinuxTV web site ( for card-specific support etc. The F10 kernel modules are fairly up-to-date.

Hope this gets you started!


ps_sabu 03-17-2009 09:53 AM

Hi Dave,

Thanx for the pointers and links.

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