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raddad51x 05-16-2006 01:21 AM

Need help in cloning drive
Before I do this, I need advise.

My current hda0 is Windows/Xtra Problems. I have Grub installed as the boot loader.

Fedora exists on a second hd, hda1.

Problem is my hda0 drive is making whining noises, and before it goes bust completely, I want to make sure I do this right.

I am going to install XP on a new hard drive. Next, I am taking the actual hard drive that is now hda0, and cloning it to the new drive, which will be the replacement hda0.

Q. Will my grub install be cloned as well, or do I need to install grub again in order to access Fedora Core 4? Some tech types say it will be, others say it won't. I don't want to lose access to Fedora.

Hints, tips and dollar bills can be dropped in the hat.

Hope this makes sense at 2:22 in the am.

Many thanks.


acid_kewpie 05-16-2006 01:31 AM

ok, well hda0 doesn't exist, and hda1 is the first drive, you've got your terminologoy mixed up there... you'll have xp on hda and fc5 on hdb.

anyway a drive clone will presumably copy grub, but if it doesn't it really doesn't matter. just stick the cd back in, boot to rescue mode and simply reinstall grub using grub-install, and you'll be back to where you are. one thing i'd strongly suggest though is in future running linux as the primary drive, so the lnux boot loader stays on the linux hard drive, meaning these sorts of niggles just don't exist. doing this there is a small hoop to jump through in that you would need to lie to windows when windows boots to make it think that it is the primary drive (using map-drive commands in grub) but once done it's so so much cleaner.

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