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Last_Gunslinger 01-12-2013 01:32 AM

ndiswrapper install without internet fedora 17 x86_64
I have a dualboot of Windows 7 and fedora 17 x86_64. Windows has internet but linux does not, i do not have wired internet right now and i need help installing ndiswrapper. I have the drivers, i have the installation files, i have gcc and g++ commands and basic RPM utilities that i need installed including wicd network manager. But i've been working on ndiswrapper for sever hours with no results. I've tried from the command line and it says i dont have kmod-ndiswrapper installed, i have the rpm, but i wont install because i dont have ndiswrapper-kmod-common-1.57 and ive looked and looked and looked some more after that and cannot find the rpm or source code file to install. Ive tried everything. Please help.

uname -r 3.3.4-5 fc17.x86_64

Fedora is a fresh installation, no extra files except what has been mention above.
I have the WNA3100 (netgear n300) wireless adapter and i have successfully installed it before, then someone deleted my partition that held fedora at that point and it was gone and not recoverable. I have been trying to get it back where i had it for several days with little luck.


Last_Gunslinger 01-12-2013 03:30 AM

nevermind i got it

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