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c0smic 05-07-2011 09:38 PM

Mouse not responding to clicks
Hello everyone, first I'll give the info of what I'm running:

Fedora 15 Beta
Gnome (not 3)
Cyborg RAT 5 mouse

Well I just installed Fedora today on my desktop, and it went all smoothly. Mostly. And when I installed a bunch of updates and restarted my computer, my mouse would be able to say ope up Pidgin or FireFox, and then not be able to click on anything else. I could still move the cursor around, and use the keyboard, I just couldn't click on anything. I would really appreciate any help here, it's pretty hard to troubleshoot when I can't click on anything!


RockDoctor 05-08-2011 06:31 AM

First thing I'd do is back out any updates to the xorg packages - I've run into a lot of xorg update issues when running Rawhide, and this is my standard solution.
1. Press Alt-F2 to bring up a run dialog
2. In the dialog box type gnome-terminal to bring up a terminal window
3. in the terminal type sudo yum downgrade xorg*

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