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wiraone 11-10-2003 05:24 PM

Missing icons for Logout and Lock Screen
Hi all, how do I get the Logout & Lock Screen (under Actions) to display the correct icons? I've the redhat-artworks installed and using Bluecurve icons. TIA.

skate 11-11-2003 03:55 AM

Create your own shortscuts ;] where exacly you wanna to show the icons on KDE Menu or Desktop ? for the menu try right mouse click and add aplication/aplet/Special Button...or for desktop create an shortscut with command logout or shutdown ;] from console

wiraone 11-11-2003 04:01 AM

Guess what, I did a reboot and now the icons are showing up :) I guess the icons theme are not loaded correctly the first time. Thanks for the info though.

skate 11-13-2003 05:33 AM

Load it again or put the deafault icons theme ;] sys deafault..;]

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