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anilbh 04-14-2007 09:42 PM

metadata file does not match checksum ?
I get the above message almost everytime while using Yum .
Finally it settles down to some repository and carries on .
What does it mean ?

Junior Hacker 04-15-2007 12:22 AM

Sounds to me like there is an issue with one or your repositories, what all repos do you have installed, I know atrpms can be a stickler some times, not to say it is atrpms, could be a more obscure repo.

anilbh 04-15-2007 08:04 AM

I have the usual one . Core, Updates , Extras + freshrpms . I also have Dries , Livna - disabled . So maybe somethings have come from these two.

Junior Hacker 04-15-2007 11:30 AM

Here's a couple things related, and some fixes.

anilbh 04-15-2007 01:08 PM

thanks am checking out ...

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