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linuxhippy 09-11-2005 02:04 PM

Maximize windows in xfce
I've used xfce4 since FC3. The default action of clicking on window borders in FC3 was that it maximized (this is xfce4). XFCE4 in FC4 doesn't behave the same way. Double clicking on the top border does nothing. Settings>Window Manager Settings and then Advanced tab has Double click action as maximize...but it doesn't. How is this fixed?

Matir 09-11-2005 02:05 PM

Does this happen for all programs, or just some?

slackhack 09-11-2005 02:28 PM

works on my system without even restarting the wm, just so you know it should work.

what's the value for double clicking the window in ~/.config/xfce4/mcs_settings/xfwm4.xml (if FC4 follows the new ~/.config standard, otherwise, it will be somewhere else depending on distro)? it should say maximize, e.g.:

<option name="Xfwm/DblClickAction" type="string" value="maximize"/>

linuxhippy 09-11-2005 03:04 PM

it happens with all programs. Here is my ~/.config/xfce4/mcs_settings/xfwm4.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE mcs-option SYSTEM "mcs-option.dtd">

<option name="Xfwm/BoxMove" type="int" value="0"/>
<option name="Xfwm/BoxResize" type="int" value="0"/>
<option name="Xfwm/ButtonLayout" type="string" value="OTS|HMC"/>
<option name="Xfwm/ClickToFocus" type="int" value="1"/>
<option name="Xfwm/DblClickAction" type="string" value="maximize"/>
<option name="Xfwm/FocusNewWindow" type="int" value="1"/>
<option name="Xfwm/FocusRaise" type="int" value="0"/>
<option name="Xfwm/RaiseDelay" type="int" value="250"/>
<option name="Xfwm/RaiseOnClick" type="int" value="1"/>
<option name="Xfwm/SnapToBorder" type="int" value="1"/>
<option name="Xfwm/SnapToWindows" type="int" value="0"/>
<option name="Xfwm/SnapWidth" type="int" value="10"/>
<option name="Xfwm/ThemeName" type="string" value="Curve"/>
<option name="Xfwm/TitleAlign" type="string" value="center"/>
<option name="Xfwm/TitleFont" type="string" value="Sans Bold 9"/>
<option name="Xfwm/WrapResistance" type="int" value="10"/>
<option name="Xfwm/WrapWindows" type="int" value="1"/>
<option name="Xfwm/WrapWorkspaces" type="int" value="0"/>

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