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Four 10-06-2008 10:56 PM

map iso image to /dev/cdrom

I'm installing Fedora and ran out of CD's to burn, so I uploaded an image to a USB drive, did CTRL+F2 and was able to mount the USB and again "loop mount" the iso image. However the installation still say's "insert disk 4". Is it possible to have /dev/cdrom goto the iso image. Or somehow to have the installing use the iso image on the usb.

I'm in the middle of the installation right now.

Thank you

Pusing CTRL+F4 or maby it was F5 I was able to see the error messages and the installing was accessing /mnt/source so I mounted the iso image there I got an error message saying "this is not fedora CD" and after a couple of "ok" click. away it went :)

yay, 4 CD's the live CD is only 1CD. It would be great if there was a not "net install" but a installation CD that only requires one CD.

anyway it works :)

jschiwal 10-06-2008 11:07 PM

You could try producing a symbolic link from /dev/cdrom -> /dev/loop0 assuming that loop0 was used. Link to the loop device and not the file itself.
/sbin/losetup -a
will list all of the loop devices and the iso file so you can tell which loop device to link to.
or "file -s /dev/loop?" will list filesystem information on the first 10 loop devices.
The install program may be using the /dev/sr0 device instead of /dev/cdrom. On mine, /dev/cdrom is a symbolic link to /dev/sr0.

Some installers allow installing from iso images, after booting from a small net install disc. But you are switching install sources in the middle of an installation.

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