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mhiggins 01-30-2005 05:24 PM

KickStart fedora core 3 minimal exclude @base group
I am attempting a minimal fc3 install <500 MB, I was shooting for <200MB. Looking at the @core package group from comps.xml. My calculations show this group to be about 130MB and its
description tag reads "<description>Smallest possible installation</description>". However the "Minimal Install" from the installer is about 530MB. With some research it looks like, the minimal install is not just @core but also @base and @dialup. I can easily exclude @dialup by setting the uservisible tag to true and unselecting this package group. When I try the same for @base it does not show up in the package selection list?

So my questions are these

1. Is it possible though some ks syntax to exclude a default package group from my kickstart config ? i.e. -@ PackageGroup ? If this were possible I may be able to try -@base and -@dialup
leaving only @core.

2. Is it possible to not use any package group at all and simply select the packages I want ? In this case I would just list out all the rpms in the @core group and thats it .. possibly some extras.

3. Is there a way to create your own core package group.. this would sever the same purpose as number 2 but possibly make it more flexible. Note I know you can create your own extra package groups my goal is to modify the existing @core group.

Some other things to note.. I have to use Fedora and I would like to have the kickstart totally unattended. I basically have the install unattended with PXE,TFTP,NFS,DHCP but .. I need to tweak the packages.


Is there a way to exclude the @base package group from a kickstart install of FC3.

Duudson 01-31-2005 12:58 AM

2) Yes, this is possible. You can list the packages you want to install. There will be some extra packeges still, but you can list them also with the (-) sign in the kickstart file, then they are not installed.

So something like this:


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