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penguinpages 05-26-2007 11:19 AM

KDE battery Monitor and suspend stopped working
I use to have suspend and battery monitoring working fine. I did my weekly yum update... new kernel, new X, new KDE base... now no battery monitoring / suspend.

ACPID seems to be working fine

[root@wizej ~]# service acpid status
acpid (pid 2170) is running...
[root@wizej ~]#
I don't know the applet which launched the "battery" in the system tray. I also could swear that their was a section in KDE's "Control Center" which managed this. It is now missing.

I also right clicked the system trey to add the "battery" applet back in, but that is not an option. Any clues on what that service was, and how to re-enable power managment?


penguinpages 05-27-2007 12:25 PM

Per a conversation on the #kde forum:

I was missing package:kpowersave

yum install kpowersave

running 'kpowersave' as a user (not root), I now get the power manement working in KDE.

What is different is when I open "Control Center" the menus are "Appearance & Themes" "Desktop" "Internet & Networking" "KDE Components" "Peripherals" "Regional & Access" "Security and Privacy" Sound and Multimedia" "System Administration" and then one I don't have called "Power Control" which others on the forum had.

I was told I needed a package called "klaptop" which I found here:

[root@wizej ~]# yum install klap*
Nothing to do

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