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FunkyRes 12-27-2004 10:05 PM

iPod Mini
Sun Microsystems gave Dad a mini iPod (random drawing at some sales thing)
Dad passed it on to me.
Lucky me :)

I was planning on getting a large capacity creative zen - I still might, but that can wait now.

I've done some googling and found some pages on using it with Linux - seems the best best is probably gtkpod

I won't be able to try anything until I get back home (new year) - so I'm kind of curious as to what experiences people here have had with iPod syncing in Linux, particularly in Fedora Core. That way when I do get back home, I can have the gotcha's covered ;)

I do have an XP install with iTunes, but I don't boot it often - and since mini's have a small hard drive, I'll probably be swapping music in and out at least once a week. So I would prefer to do it in Linux.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions :)

If it matters - my PC has a proper six pin OHCI firewire port, not sure if it works - kernel module loads (A7N8X Deluxe) but I know this device (A7N8X del firewire) in past kernels has loaded but not worked - but if it doesn't work, I have a belkin PCI FireWire, which I know works in Linux (but isn't installed at the moment), so either way - I have (and will use) FireWire, opposed to USB2.

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