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pechichimo 01-17-2014 11:47 PM

iphone4 (iOS 7.0.4) won't mount using fedora 20
I'm a newbie to linux (been using ubuntu/fedora for about 3 years but still don't know very much at all).

someone gave me an 'old' iphone4 (using iOS 7.0.4) but every time I connect it I get a message from the computer (running fedora 20) saying the iphone is locked, unlock and try again, and a message on the iphone asking me if i trust the computer.

i click trust and try again in quick succession, but i get an unhandled lockdown error (-12) and both messages pop back up again.

i've looked at forum threads concerning compatibility issues with apple products and linux operating systems but none of it has been helpful to me.

i have installed every package i have seen recommended on forums, ifuse, libimobiledevice, gtkpod, etc. -- i even updated from fedora 18 to 20 thinking that might make the problem magically disappear, but big surprise, it didn't.

the iphone isn't jailbroken, but i don't even know if that is anything to do with the problem.

i've got no idea what to do from here, so any advice or speculation would be greatly appreciated.

mostlyharmless 01-21-2014 05:05 PM

I presume you want to sync/backup the phone.

Personally, I've had nothing but trouble with the iphone (4) and any version of Linux for the last few years I've owned the phone. My advice is to run Windows in a VM with USB passthrough (ie Xen or KVM: VmWare and VirtualBox USB support never quite seemed to handle whatever Apple does with its phone) or dual boot. Or get an Android phone. Or get a Mac. Or use a dedicated Windows machine for this sort of ornery hardware. The world's most tightly controlled software and hardware and free/open software are not the best mix, despite Apple's underlying Darwin roots.

pechichimo 01-21-2014 09:57 PM

yeah, i just want to be able to pull off photos/video, put on some music, you know, simply use the thing -- if i didn't get it free i wouldn't have an iphone, their deliberate incompatibility designed to corral users into having apple everything is insulting to me and has made me want nothing apple, so i certainly wouldn't buy a mac even if i did need a new computer (and wanted to get less for my money for some reason).

yeah, it does seem like ithings and linux don't mix, was hoping i wouldn't have to run a VM or dual boot with windows or anything that involved or annoying -- i guess i feel like i shouldn't have to do that just because apple doesn't know how to share, co-operate or accept difference -- i'm not going to bend over backwards for this selfish little brat.

getting photos off the thing and putting some music on with someone else's machine occasionally is probably easier for me -- or maybe i'll just get rid of this awful ithing....

thanks for your reply mostlyharmless - if i do crack and start to accomodate this sullen ithing it is good to know which VM's work best -- can't help but wonder why you put up with this 'ornery' hardware (you taught me a nice word also) though, but i guess that's a personal question.

mostlyharmless 01-22-2014 11:39 AM


can't help but wonder why you put up with this 'ornery' hardware (you taught me a nice word also) though, but i guess that's a personal question.
Well, at the time when I got it, the Android phones weren't quite so good, but I am debating switching whenever I need to change phones. I have a tendency to hold on to hardware until it ceases to function.

pechichimo 01-23-2014 07:57 PM

fair enough.

i respect the tendency to use things 'til they are unusable, much better than the standard tendency to upgrade as often as possible.

only when my iphone loses its utility in ploughing fields and weaving fabrics for clothing will i allow myself to update to some more 'productive' 'machinery'.

ha ha ha, i'm a rich western consumerist prick and i'm helping destroy the earth, what a great joke.

Tadaen 01-29-2014 09:20 PM

I have an original iphone4... not 4s and it still going strong. But of course it doesn't even mount with linux every since ios 7.0. I gave up, will have a decent amoutn of money to work with shortly... dumping it and going android. I do not recommend vm windows. I bricked the thing trying to update the ios through a vm. It was only fixed by my dad with his mac. Closed like this is to much trouble I don't care how polished it is. I made the switch to 95% open source on my computer, I'm doing the same with everything else that I possibly can.

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