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mickeyboa 01-15-2006 10:42 AM

Installing klamav, KDE frontend for Clamav
FC4, I have Clamav installed , but compiling KDE,Klamav
I get a error: And paragraph 3.2 below explains that error
Being new at this what can I do in changing the kernel?


3.2 What does "error: capabilities are built-in to the kernel" mean?

The Linux Default Capabilities security module has been compiled into the kernel itself rather than as a separate module. The Linux Security Model for Linux 2.6 allows multiple security modules to be loaded, but only when the modules themselves allow others to be loaded. The "capability" module unfortunately does not allow other modules to be loaded. However, Dazuko does allow module "stacking". This means that if Linux Default Capabilities are compiled as a separate module, then Dazuko can be loaded first and "capability" loaded afterwards, allowing both security modules to exist together.

This means that you will need to build a new kernel with Linux Default Capabilities as a module, rather than built in.

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